Supercharger Rebuild/Repair/Modifications

DMPE specializes in superchargers at all levels of performance and racing. We repair, rebuild and modify most all brands of supercharges along with the DMPE line of superchargers. You have made a large investment in the performance of your vehicle. It is important to have it maintained properly and professionally.

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Supercharger Rebuild Information Sheet


If if is a roots or a screw style supercharger we have the ability to service it. Including, but not limited to:

Dyers Eaton Edelbrock
Kobelco Littlefield Magnusson
PSI TBS Weiand
Whipple Industrial Roots Pumps


How much does it cost to rebuild my supercharger?

This is a difficult question as it depends on what it requires to repair properly. It is standard practice to disassemble the unit and assess what is needed. Once this is done we will call the you and discuss options and costs.


Can I have my supercharger inspected?

Yes. It is common for buyers and sellers to have us assess a supercharger that is being sold. The parties will agree to send the blower to DMPE to have it inspected. We then report back to the buyer and the seller the state of the blower. This protects both parties when used parts are being sold. DMPE charges a small fee for this and the fee is typically paid for by the purchaser.


What do we do to your blower once we get it?

First, we completely disassemble the blower and inspect all parts for wear. With this information, we can recommend the best way to rebuild your blower. We may recommend new or upgraded parts to get the most boost possible out of your supercharger. We will call you first with an estimate for any parts or upgrades. Next, we thoroughly clean all the components prior to reassembly. All tolerances are checked during reassembly. All bolts are torqued to proper specifications. Lastly, we fill the supercharger to the recommended oil levels and tape off all openings to ensure everything is kept clean.


Can I get a quick turn-around on my rebuild?

Yes. We do offer an expedited rebuild service for a nominal fee. Please call us at 269-428-5070 prior to returning your supercharger to confirm we can schedule an expedited service.